How do we want to live and work?

"We want to live in a society where we meet each other as humans, where we feel loved, and where we do what interests us passionately. We believe that this is no utopia and we know that we have to start with ourselves to make this happen. In our search for ways and means of making this vision come true, we allowed ourself to be guided by encounters with inspiring people. These encounters have developed into a film. From Business To Being is therefore an experiment, to invite everyone to ask themselves: ‘How do I want to live and work?’ And at the same time, it is our answer to that question."

The filmmakers
Hanna Henigin and Julian Wildgruber

The movie

The film From Business To Being tells the story of three executives – a former investment banker at Lehman Brothers, a project manager in the automotive industry and a regional manager at the pharmacy chain "dm" – who embark on a quest to find ways out of the "rat race". Their motivation: the desire for more enthusiasm, meaning and authenticity in their work.

Through their sensitive and yet forthright approach Hanna Henigin and Julian Wildgruber provide deep insight into the emotional sphere of the otherwise closed world of business leaders and explore the question: To what extent are the crises of today‘s workplaces crises of consciousness? Can meditation and awareness training help to free people from stress provoking patterns of thinking and behaving, and get back to themselves?

What skills will be required from business leaders in the future and how do organisations in a globalised world have to be rethought and restructured towards more collaboration?

In their search for answers, the filmmakers meet experts from economy, science and meditation who build bridges between "business" and "being" and give new impetus for a cultural change in the business world, focussing on the well-being of all stakeholders.

From Business To Being is a film that touches people, inspires discussion and above all encourages an honest look inside: Who am I? What inspires me? And how do I live and act accordingly? All that is based on the conviction that changes towards a better working environment and society are rooted in a growing awareness of the individual.

Rudolf Wötzel
Reinhard Stachel
Torsten Müller
Pier Carlo Padoan
Dr. C. Otto Scharmer
Prof. Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn
Janice Marturano
Prof. Dr. Arthur Zajonc
Prof. Dr. Tania Singer
Prof. Götz W. Werner
Erich Harsch
Rudi Ballreich

Hanna Henigin
Julian Wildgruber

Rudi Ballreich
Julian Wildgruber

Hanna Henigin

Julian Wildgruber
Florian Huber
Hanna Henigin

Director of photography
Gregor Schönfelder
Nathan Hunt

Additional Camera
Matyas Vertesi
Marcus Adam
Jens Huerkamp
Bruno Filkin
Julian Wildgruber

Karl Gerhardt
Tolga Uygur
Pierre Triscos
Fabian Schaller
Christopher Riley

Tobias Lorsbach

Fabian Schaller

A documentary by
Hanna Henigin & Julian Wildgruber